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Announcement on the Unfair Competition Acts of the Mengca Basketball
根据广州知识产权法院(2015)粤知法商民初字第64号和广东省高级人民法院(2017)粤民终字1395号生效判决,本网站【mcnba.com/mcnba.cn】因包含美商NBA产物股份有限公司 (“NBAP”)的注册商标“NBA”,构成不正当竞争,已转让至美商NBA产物股份有限公司(简称“NBAP”)名下。
The website that formerly used the domain name【mcnba.com/mcnba.cn】has been transferred to NBA Properties, Inc. (“NBAP”) for the unauthorized use of NBAP’s trademark “NBA” in the domain name, which constitutes unfair competition, pursuant to Guangzhou Intellectual Property Court Yue-Zhi-Fa-Shang-Min-Chu-Zi [2015] No. 64 Civil Judgment and Guangdong Provincial Higher People’s Court Yue-Min-Zhong [2017] No. 1395 Civil Judgment.
It has been determined that the unauthorized use of NBA identification elements, including cartooned images, names of NBA players, and NBA team logos in a game Mengca Basketball (or Mengca MC) distributed on this website by Chengdu Lanfei Huyu Technology Co., Ltd. (“Lanfei Company”) and Qingdao Lingxian Interactive Network Technology Co., Ltd. (“Lingxian Company”) has seriously damaged the NBAP’s economic interests, and thus constituted unfair competition. The courts ruled that the Lingxian Company shall transfer the domain name “mcnba.com” and “mcnba.cn” to NBAP and immediately stop the use of NBA identification elements in Mengca Basketball and Mengca MC and other acts of unfair competition, make a public announcement in a prominent position in China Industrial and Commercial Newspaper to eliminate the negative impact, and that the companies shall be jointly liable for damages and reasonable fees of RMB 3,000,000.
We sincerely request all game players to support the legally authorized NBA online games. NBA has been dedicated to fighting against unauthorized and infringing activities and providing NBA fans with diversified and high-quality NBA games and products.
NBA Properties, Inc.
May 10th, 2019


Attachment: The Judgments of the First-instance and Second-instance
The First-instance Judgment(VIEW)
The Second-instance Judgment(VIEW)